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WhiteCanyon software of Cedar City offers products for securely storing passwords, recovering files, and for securely deleting files.

MyPassWordVault is a product for securely storing passwords. This is a great tool for small businesses. You can have your network admins and DBAs store the company's passwords securely in this program. Company officers could know the master password to the secure password system. Having a secure system of double passwords means that a company can recover from the loss of an admin without having multiple people keeping password lists for the company.

RecoverMyFiles is a program that can help you recover lost computer files. You can recover files that are no longer in the recycle bin and even recover files from hard drives that have been reformatted.

Which leads us in to the final, and most popular, of WhiteCanyon's offerings: As experts in recovering lost data, WhiteCanyon knows the security risk that companies face when reselling computer hardware. Computer hard drives often contain sensitive materials including tax returns, internet cookies with session and password information. If you use auto complete to remember passwords for web site, all of the passwords to bank account, credit card account and other online services is available in unencrypted files on your hard drive.

If you have a business, all of your customer information is at risk!

In all likelihood, if you've owned your computer for a decent piece of time, the hard drive contains information that you don't want the bad guys to get.

To make matters worse, computer reseller channels are plagued with people who know how to recover data from fromatted disks. They buy old, slow and otherwise worthless PCs just to see what information they can extract from the hard drive.

Simply deleting the files or FDisking the drive is not enough to delete the information stored on the computer. When disposing of a computer or moving it to an open location, you need to do an industrial strength delete.

WhiteCanyon has a whole array of programs for helping you securely delete the information stored on your hard drive. This program is an absolute must for everyone who works in the computer industry. If your business

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